Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

I pray you are all doing well in The LORD.
Praise to The LORD who is the Only One Who is Worthy! His Graciousness, Mercy, Goodness, and LOVE are Immeasurable! He is Invincible in Battle! Hallelujah! I write with great joy to share our happiness over the news. One of our first University graduates, Meklit, accepted a fantastic job offer as a chemical engineer in Ethiopia! As you may recall from our previous updates this summer, Meklit and Unguday graduated this past summer from universities in Ethiopia with chemical and civil engineering degrees. They represent a fulfillment of a vision that The LORD gave Levi and Thomas for Elevate Orphan when the founded the ministry 10 years ago: to love the orphan and the widow with the same love we would share with our own children…educating them at private schools, giving them homes and a loving family.
As a result of the obedience to the call of The KING, The LORD has blessed this ministry uniquely. He has taken these children who were abandoned and blessed them with a tremendous faith and success in their endeavors to The Glory of His Name. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! We anticipate that Unguday, Meklit’s sister who graduated with a civil engineering degree this summer, will obtain a job offer now that the rainy season in Ethiopia is ending and construction will likely resume.Please pray for God’s blessing on her job search.
This month is also a busy month for our rising seniors in high school. They have just taken their qualifying exams earlier this month. The system in Ethiopia is similar to many in Europe. The students in high school take an exam in the 11 th grade and, if they score well, they will be given a position in one of the universities, and their tuition is funded by the Government. The specific university and major options for each student in Ethiopia is dictated by their scores on the qualifying exam. So, please pray for The LORD’s blessing on their results. Based on the students’ current performance in high school, we anticipate that we will likely have 40+ children matriculate into university from Elevate Orphan in the next 3-4 Years!! Praise The LORD!
Finally, we ask that you pray for the civil war in Ethiopia. As with all wars, many are suffering and have died. The Western media coverage is misleading, confusing and biased against the Central Government (visiting Ethiopia and watching the news is a surreal experience). In any case, pray that the war will end quickly. May The LORD’s Will be done. I want to thank each and every one of you who support us with prayer, financially, and service on mission teams. I truly believe The LORD is working powerfully within this organization for eternal fruit and that we are all being used to impact this world and His Kingdom for His Glory….and I am so grateful.

In His Grip,


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