One of the things we have been praying for over the past 4 years is for the funds to be able to purchase the homes that our families live in.

Let me back up a bit here first though…

Ok, so Bring Love In is this ministry in Ethiopia, we have 57 kids who we have taken from the government orphanages.  We have taken those kids and paired them up with widows from the local churches to create 9 new families.   We call them Forever Families, because the commitment that we and the moms make to these kids is forever.

Our aim with all of this is not just to care for orphans, but rather to go upstream on the problem and try to create a solution that looks at the big picture.   Our goal is to raise up future leaders who will take on the challenge of creating a whole new kind of culture in Ethiopia, one that cares for the poor, and thrives as a country.    Sound big?  Yeah, we think so too, yet this is a big problem and requires big huge thinking to take it on.   We feel called to make big changes in Ethiopia, to be part of a big solution, and we hope you will join us!

Ok, so back to the houses.   We have 9 families who we place in small homes in the community that Bring Love In is in.  Now the problem with all of this is that we rent these homes and are constantly dealing with issues with landlords, rents going up and broken things in the houses that we are wasting our money fixing because we don’t own.

Got that?

So to go back to where we started all of this.  For the past 4 years we have been praying for a solution to this problem.  While we watch our budget go up a little each month as rents increase, we have been praying that one day we would be able to buy 9 homes for our families to live in.   We have done our research and the cost of a small three bedroom home in the neighborhood where we are is around $35,000.   Today we are writing with some awesome news!   The first of our 9 homes has been taken care of!  The super rad folks up at Journey Church  in Bozeman, Montana have been working with us towards this goal, and they called yesterday to tell us that this week they passed the goal and have enough funds put together to purchase the first home!

We get to go shopping!!   (Lots more to come on this in the coming months as we find our first home to purchase)

Yippee!   Thank God!  Woo hoo!

I can’t say enough about how excited we are about this!

Please keep praying with us for the other 8 homes, we hope that one day rent payments become  thing of the past for Bring Love In which would give the ministry a much more predictable and controlled budget.




Levi and Jessie Benkert