What would it take for an
orphan to truly thrive?

Every Orphan deserves to know the radical love of Christ…


We know that through Jesus Christ, a family, security and eternal change is possible.


We truly believe, just like you, that it is worth making big sacrifices to make this vision reality. This is why we have spent the last 12 years building the best orphan care program possible: built on a Biblical foundation, through a strong family unit, partnered with widows from the local church. We aren’t just providing needs for the children, we are building forever families.

Now you can give and know that your
donations are making a real difference.


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Sponsor A Child

Elevate Orphan Kids

A Different Approach to Child Sponsorship


For just $35 a month, your sponsorship provides support for a house mom through food, housing, and gospel centered schooling and counseling – everything a child needs to become the hero of their story.

We set out to build a care program that treats each child as we would our own, so that we can end the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for the children to thrive. Your giving ensures that each child will have the tools to become the Gospel focused leaders and teachers that Ethiopia needs for long-term success.

Our Care Center

Addis Ababa

  • Children rescued from the overcrowded government orphanages in Addis Ababa
  • Family style care with a house mom and 5-7 children.
  • Each family has their own small home in the city.



“Because of Elevate Orphan I have love and a family. When I grow up I want to become an architect so that I can build an orphanage to care for children who were orphaned like I was.”


“My mom and Aunt love me and respect me. In here you are family, this is my family. I want to become a pilot so that I can fly above the land and sky.”

No Greater Love

Read about Levi and Jessie (our founder’s) journey to Ethiopia where they started the orphan care program with Thomas Abebaw and the local team.

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