"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Who We Serve

How Our Child Sponsorship Works?

Partner with us to change the world for Jesus Christ one life at a time! Your gift of at least $35 per month contributes towards a Forever Family for each child!

What Makes Elevate Orphan Child Sponsorship Different?

  • We believe that children thrive best when they are part of a stable family unit that includes a home and a loving parent
  • The children that Elevate Orphan adopts from orphanages do not have much hope for a future in Ethiopian Society
  • As a result, Elevate Orphan provides each child with a Forever Family
About us

Welcome to
Elevate Orphan

Elevate Orphan is a ministry serving both the Orphans and the Widows. It is entirely managed by Ethiopians for Ethiopians! We adopt children from the Government Orphanages in Addis Ababa into our single-family homes consisting of mothers and aunties. The prospects for those children that remain in these Government Orphanages are very bleak. Sexual abuse, prostitution, drug addiction and extreme poverty is the normal future for these children who remain in the system.

We create “Forever Families” for these children and provide them with excellent private school education, social work, christian psychologist and counselors. We see them grow to go to universities and/or trade schools. We also help them grow spiritually in loving Jesus as we believe that Ethiopian believers impact Ethiopia for The Kingdom of God.

We Believe That

  • Every believer has been called by God to do good works.
  • That The Lord will call those who He Wills to come alongside us in doing the eternally significant work of His Kingdom for the widows and orphans that our Ministry serves
  • That The Lord will continue to bless this ministry with both the material and Spiritual fruit that only He can provide
  • All Glory is His! Hallelujah!!

Forever Families

  • A single-family home rented by Elevate Orphan in a cluster of homes that form our Elevate Orphan community within Addis Ababa
  • A house mom and aunt, which are two widows from local churches
  • 4-6 children per home
  • Every child is given a high-quality private school education
  • Social workers, psychologists and a learning center with a library, computer lab, activities center and a workshop
  • All children are supported from elementary through college or trade school
How we help.

Choose a life.
Change a life.

Building their future through good education

Provide a high-quality education in private schools for all the children from elementary through college/university and/or trade school. Over the last 10 years, Elevate Orphan’s strategy with our adopted orphans has been successful in producing:
  • 1 medical student,
  • 2 engineering students in university
  • 1 architecture student in university
  • 1 seamstress with her own business
  • Over the next 4 years…we anticipate 40 of our children going to university!!! Praise The LORD!

Counseling & Social Work

Through Christian psychologists, social workers and counsellors, we help the children deal with any early childhood trauma due to the circumstances that made them orphans.

Ensuring children live in a supportive family environment, full educational learning, access to justice and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Every child deserves a bright future

With our broad network of relationships, we can enable the children  with jobs, vocational schools and housing as native born Ethiopians and long-standing residents of Addis Ababa and of The Body of Christ in Addis.

Building "Forever Families"

Orphan children join single Family Homes in Addis where each home has a ‘Mother’ and ‘Auntie’. Widows and Aunties are  screened and selected by Elevate  staff from Local churches.

Prayer, social workers/counselors and Elevate staff evaluate each candidate for optimal placement. Our team has strong relationships with the leadership at several Ethiopian Churches who identify widows as candidates.

“Because of Elevate, I am clever and active.”

Lidya, Ethiopia

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    Loving Orphans As Our Own

    Every child deserves to know the radical love of Christ.

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