What would it take for an
orphan to truly thrive?

We know every orphan deserves the chance to thrive…

Yet everyone in their life has let them down which makes them feel like change is impossible.

We know firsthand that change is possible, and we believe just like you that it is worth making big sacrifices to make this dream come true, which is why we have spent the last 11 years building the best orphan care program possible.

Now you can give and know that your
donations are making a real difference.

Making a big impact is easy:

1. You choose a child to sponsor

2. 100% of your money goes directly to the care of your sponsored child

3. Lives are changed forever

Choose a child to sponsor

Elevate Orphan Kids

Child Sponsorship that is not a race to the bottom

$35 a month from ten sponsors provides support for a house mom, food, housing, schooling, and counseling, everything they need to become the hero of their story.

We set out to build a care program that treats each child as we would our own so that we can cycle of poverty and create opportunities for each child to thrive. Your giving ensures that each child will have the tools to become leaders and teachers that Ethopia needs for long-term success.

Our Care Center

Addis Ababa

  • Children rescued from the overcrowded government orphanages in Addis Ababa
  • Family style care with a house mom and 5-7 children.
  • Each family has their own small home in the city.


“Because of Elevate Orphan I have love and a family. When I grow up I want to become an architect so that I can build an orphanage to care for children who were orphaned like I was.”


“My mom and Aunt love me and respect me. In here you are family, this is my family. I want to become a pilot so that I can fly above the land and sky.”

How we help an orphan thrive

About Elevate Orphan

Elevate Orphan believes that each child has value. This is why we ensure that each child in our care has access to the best education, nutrition, families, communities, and counseling services. The betterment of children’s futures is what drives and inspires us to do what we do.

Our funding comes via crowdsourcing and partnerships from people such as yourself. Our role is to raise funding so that we can support our local orphan care organizations and allow our staff on the ground to focus on giving individualized attention to our kids and ensure the care and development of each child.

Elevate Orphan’s work is fueled by the collaboration of people around the world who believe in using our time and resources to help children in need. We look forward to you joining this movement with us!

No Greater Love

Read about Levi and Jessie (our founder’s) journey to Ethiopia where they started the orphan care program with Thomas Abebaw and the local team.

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